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E-commerce Direct is a bespoke e-commerce agency located in the South of England within easy access to Southampton docks. We provide a variety of support services for Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers.
Although we are not nearly as large as Amazon... or even close for that matter... our team is well experienced in helping clients save on costs and substantially increase sales.
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Most Sellers have good sales results in the UK, but struggle with poor sales in the remaining Pan-European markets.

It is more common than not, US and UK Amazon Sellers struggle with sales through Amazon’s Pan-European programme.  Amazon Sellers come to us for help, typically frustrated with poor sales in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, but are typically pleased with UK sales.

The question we typically get is, “what am I doing wrong, the Amazon rep said my product(s) would sell in Europe?”

Top problems found with Amazon Sellers Pan-European Accounts:

It is inevitable we tend to find similar problems with Pan-European Sellers Accounts.  To be frank, it comes down to what we believe as ‘cost-saving’ measures.  Here are the top problems we find when reviewing Amazon Sellers Pan-European accounts.

  1. Poor translations – Sellers try to save money by using Google Translate or similar Artificial Intelligence (AI) translation programs.
  2. Market Research – Sellers are quick to introduce their products to new markets, but don’t take time to research culture, product saturation and target audiences in those said markets.
  3. FBM vs FBA – Sellers try to save money by using Fulfilled By Merchant services from the UK; incurring costly postage, increased shipping times, and miss Amazon Prime sales that Fulfilled By Amazon can provide.

Here are some simple ideas to help boost your Amazon Pan-European sales.

These are the top ideas we have found that help boost Amazon Pan-European sales.  However you must do market research and testing to ensure there is a target audience in the foreign markets you wish to sell your products.

  1. Translations – As mentioned above, poor translations can stop buyers in foreign markets from not only finding your product(s) but also buying your product(s). Some cultures are easily offended with poor translations, it makes buyers feel under-valued and they will be more likely to buy a similar product that has a localised translation.

Localised translations will be your biggest success when selling in foreign markets.  Many US sellers are not aware that many words in the UK (Queen’s English) are spelled differently and have slightly different meanings.  For example, if you are selling ‘car wiper blades’ for a vehicle and use the keyword ‘windshield wiper’, your search volume will be low, British use ‘windscreen wiper’.  A subtle difference, but a very important difference if you are selling wiper blades in the UK.

The same theory holds true for the French, German, Italian and Spanish markets.  Use a localised translator that has a firm understanding of the target language and its cultures.  Do not simply copy you Sponsored Brand and Sponsored Ad keywords from English to the target language.  The same holds true for your Storefront, product description pages and your product packaging.  Get localised help and your sales are guaranteed to increase.

One final note on translations, if you have a product video, make sure you re-do the voice over with a local language expert. ‘No’ before you ask, subtitles in one language and the voiceover in another is not advised, it looks sloppy and ‘done on the cheap’!

  1. Organic Search – There is a lot of debate about the best way to create your keywords for Amazon’s organic search. Some Sellers use services such as ‘Seller Cloud’ others simply take the English keywords from like products and translate them into the target localised language.

If you have a subscription service to help you with your keywords, we strongly suggest you run them by a localised language expert.  They may be able to add some value.  For example, if you are selling pillows in France, the French actually use the word ‘cushion’ more than ‘pillow’, that local insight is very valuable when creating your organic keyword list.

  1. Pan-European FBA – Many Sellers, especially those just starting want to keep costs low and fulfil their product(s) from the UK for all Pan-European countries. We don’t suggest you take that approach.  Believe it or not we have found that FBA is more cost effective than FBM, due to the costs of postage.  You only have to ship your product(s) to a UK Amazon Fulfilment Centre and they will move your product(s) to various locations in continental Europe.

The biggest advantage of using FBA in Europe is simply the expanded market of Amazon Prime buyers, couple with the assurance of delivery from Amazon.

This sounds expensive!

It has often been said ‘it takes money to make money’ and to a point that is true.  However, these initial investments in translation, localised keyword research and FBA will soon be recouped with heightened sales in your targeted foreign markets.

For questions or help with your Pan-European sales, reach out to our European e-commerce specialists on +44 (0) 2381 920 246, if you are based in the US, call toll free ++1 (888) 567 0464 or email support@E-commerceDirect.com

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