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Amazon Sellers… what’s so important about keywords?

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Amazon Sellers… what’s so important about keywords?

Keyword Search - E-commerce

If you are selling on Amazon, ebay, Shopify, your own website or a combination, you should be aware that a ‘Keyword’ is a particular word used in the content of your website or sales platform that helps search engines find matches in the relevant search enquiry from potential customers.  For example, if you were looking for ‘salt’, there would be thousands of products in your selection.

But then there is the ‘Long Tail Keyword’, where there is a more specific phrase in the search field.  For example, would you be looking for ‘table salt’ or ‘water softener salt’, or even more explicit ‘water softener salt granules’?  70% of online searches are using Long Tail Keywords and tend to convert better into sales, as the potential customers are already looking to purchase something specific, rather than being swamped with a load of irrelevant ‘salt’ products.

So, spend some time coming up with some initial Keywords and Long Tail Keywords.  The simplest and cheapest progression after that (i.e. no cost!) is to use Google’s own suggestion feature.  Using our ‘salt’ example, here are the results:-

Searches related to salt

salt chemistry           salt health
salt film                      salt chemical formula
salt recruitment        table salt
salt movie                  rock salt

Searches related to water softener salt

water softener salt blocks                       water softener salt wickes
water softener salt tablets 25kg             water softener salt screwfix
cheapest water softener salt tablets      water softener salt granules
water softener salt b&q                           water softener salt homebase

Searches related to water softener salt granules

granular salt 25kg                              granular salt suppliers
what is granular salt                          screwfix water softener salt
hydrosoft granular salt 25kg           difference between granular and table salt
water softener salt tablets               what is granular salt used for

All this is a good starting point, however if you are an Amazon seller and want to increase your sales significantly, more research and work needs to be done. Do you have time to do this daily?  Probably not.  One solution is the Seller.Tools platform which uses valuable daily updated Amazon data to provide insights and relevancy of your Keywords to drive sales.

Keywords are vitally important to your selling programme.  Need help?  Get in touch with E-commerce Direct at info@e-commercedirect.com or call our UK office +44 (0) 2381 920 246, or if you are based in the US, call toll free ++1 (888) 567-0464.

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