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E-commerce Direct is a bespoke e-commerce agency located in the heart of London within easy access to Southampton docks. We provide a variety of support services for Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers.
Although we are not nearly as large as Amazon... or even close for that matter... our team is well experienced in helping clients save on costs and substantially increase sales.
Phone UK +44 (0) 208 004 7769
Phone US ++1 (714) 782 7826

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Are you an Amazon seller wanting to reduce your UK fees?

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Are you an Amazon seller wanting to reduce your UK fees?

Amazon Seller Fees in the UK Increased during April 2018!

We all know that your actual profit from selling online can be significantly reduced once the various fees are taken into consideration – storage fees, fulfilment fees, and maybe long-term storage or removals.

Why pay such inflated costs when there are alternatives?  You are obviously aware that Amazon increased their fees last month, so what better time to ‘shop around’.  The savings can be quite dramatic, putting more pounds/dollars into your pocket.

Up until the end of September, with E-commerce Direct and similar providers, you can save over 15% on Amazon storage fees, and in the high season (October to December) almost 40%!!!

Well that’s all well and good for storage, but what about fulfilment?  Once you get charged the Amazon Pick and Pack Fee and add their Weight Handling fee, there’s another chunk of your profit gone.  Why do this when you can save over 50%?  Other peripheral costs can even produce up to 100% savings.

Here at E-Commerce Direct we give you choices.  Storing your products and fulfilling them for you can provide huge savings.  If you still want FBA, no problem. You can still make savings on the storage fees and we will send your products (boxes or pallets) to maintain your inventory at Amazon.

The sooner you make the change, the sooner you save money.  Don’t delay – make contact today!  info@E-commerceDirect.com  – UK: +44(0) 238 192 0246 – US toll free: ++1(888) 567 0464.

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