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E-commerce Direct is a bespoke e-commerce agency located in the heart of London within easy access to Southampton docks. We provide a variety of support services for Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers.
Although we are not nearly as large as Amazon... or even close for that matter... our team is well experienced in helping clients save on costs and substantially increase sales.
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Amazon Seller Fees in the UK Increased during April 2018! We all know that your actual profit from selling online can be significantly reduced once the various fees are taken into consideration – storage fees, fulfilment fees, and maybe long-term storage or removals. Why pay such inflated costs when there are alternatives?  You are obviously aware that Amazon increased their fees last month, so what better time to ‘shop around’.  The savings can be quite dramatic, putting

Having your Amazon account suspended may not only be upsetting, but it can also have severe financial consequence for your e-commerce business. As an Amazon Seller, if you have read any forums or attended conferences about selling on Amazon, undoubtedly you will have heard stories of Sellers getting 'shut down' or 'blocked'.  In reality it would be Amazon 'suspending' your account for any number of reasons. It is reported that the top 5 reasons Amazon accounts are suspended

Video on your e-commerce website can exponentially increase sales! At E-commerce Direct we know there has been an exponential growth in the popularity of visual content in recent years. Almost 90% of all current web traffic is video based and 94% of consumers watched a video online last week. Videos both positively affect brand image and drive purchase decisions, say respondents to a survey from Animoto. The survey of 1,000 US adults revealed some interesting stats: 96% of

As a non-EU registered business a Value Added Tax (VAT) number is required prior to shipping your goods to the UK/EU! I have an EIN so why do I need a VAT or EORI number? Have you ever asked that question? As a business entity you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is great in the US, but if you’re expanding your online business to the UK and EU, and shipping to the UK for fulfilment,

Whether you are building a website for e-commerce, company information or a niche blog, the following steps will always apply. Creating a new website for your business? Then there are a few things, here at E-commerce Direct, which we feel you need to consider when designing and building your new web presence. If you follow these 5 steps when creating your website you will be well on your way to publishing it into the public domain! 1.

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