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Although we are not nearly as large as Amazon... or even close for that matter... our team is well experienced in helping clients save on costs and substantially increase sales.
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E-commerce Direct Drives Sales for Shoes Have Soles with Innovative E-commerce Sales Growth Plan

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E-commerce Direct Drives Sales for Shoes Have Soles with Innovative E-commerce Sales Growth Plan

Sales plan delivers numerous ideas to boost website, Google and Amazon sales!

Shoes Have Soles – Background

Shoes Have Soles founder developed an innovative transparent sole protector for men’s fine shoes. The product protects leather soles, saves on resoling costs, adds additional grip and is easy and quick to attach.

Like many e-commerce sellers, Shoes Have Soles developed a niche product for a specific target market.

Competitors were minimal and almost all customer reviews were positive. The products’ packaging is of good quality and well-designed keeping in mind the target audience they use minimal packaging to avoid excess waste, and it is even lightweight, helping to keep down the cost of postage. The product was competitively priced, the photography was excellent, and the product description adequate.

Shoes Have Soles set up an Amazon sellers account for the UK, France, Germany, an OnBy account and even had a specific website to sell its products.

However, sales were minimal, so after a few months the founder of Shoes Have Soles went in search of help and soon hired E-commerce Direct to create an E-commerce Sales Growth Plan to help boost online sales.

Shoes Have Soles – Research.

After an initial background and informational call with the innovators of Shoes Have Soles, E-commerce Direct was soon on its way exploring the shoe protection market.

E-Commerce Direct confirmed with Shoes Have Soles its sales goals, target audiences, unique sales proposition (USP), strengths and weaknesses, and its 3 and 5-year business plans.

After market, product and competitors research was concluded, E-commerce Direct set pace using its experience, knowledge and newly acquired research to develop a bespoke E-commerce sales growth plan for Shoes Have Soles.

The E-commerce Sales Growth Plan

E-Commerce Direct was able to successfully identify numerous ideas, tactics and methods to greatly improve the company’s online sales.

Based on the target audience, we suggested Shoes Have Soles keep with higher profile e-commerce selling platforms such as Amazon, and not ‘cheapen’ its brand by using auction sites such as eBay. Further, our research enabled us to recommend ‘CDiscount’ as an additional sales channel.

Our full website review for Shoes Have Soles demonstrated a lack of “Call to Action” and a need for improvements with the current product descriptions page. E-Commerce Direct provided new content for the website to engage site visitors to want to buy.

A revised list of keywords were provided to better product listings and sponsored product ads. We also demonstrated the benefits of creating an Amazon store coupled with Sponsored Brand Ads.

Importantly, it was demonstrated Shoes Have Soles must move from fulfilled by merchant (FBM) to Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) in order to achieve the desired “Box Buy“ result while taking advantage of the large Amazon Prime Audience not typically available to FBM sellers.

The Benefits of Amazon Coupons and lightning deals were explained with cited examples, as well as the need for proper localised translations for increased sales.

We further suggested the use of Google Ads to boost online sales with an explanation of how best to use “broad”, “exact”, phrase” and “negative” keywords.

Finally, we suggested some Public Relations (PR) activities including, editorial reviews of Shoes Have Soles products, a short product video peppered with testimonials, and the use of Social Media competitions and campaigns, all with the purpose to generate additional sales.

Are you looking for help with your E-Commerce sales? Frustrated with slow sales growth? Get in touch with our E-commerce Sales Specialists on +44 (0) 2381 920 246, if you are based in the US, ++1 (714) 782 7826, email support@E-commerceDirect.com or via Live Chat on our website at www.E-commerceDirect.com , we can grow your online sales too!

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