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I have an EIN so why do I need a VAT or EORI number?

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I have an EIN so why do I need a VAT or EORI number?

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As a non-EU registered business a Value Added Tax (VAT) number is required prior to shipping your goods to the UK/EU!

I have an EIN so why do I need a VAT or EORI number? Have you ever asked that question?

As a business entity you have an Employer Identification Number (EIN) which is great in the US, but if you’re expanding your online business to the UK and EU, and shipping to the UK for fulfilment, you must have a valid Value Added Tax (VAT) number and also, to trade goods, an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number which is valid throughout the EU.

VAT can be a minefield.  There’s import VAT when your goods come into the country, there’s VAT on your sales. You must then decide for which scheme should you registered, the Standard VAT Scheme or the Flat Rate VAT Scheme, and when and who will be doing the quarterly filings to the UK government HMRC?

EORI is not as complex, but it is just as important as it is a unique number used to identify you and your shipments across all EU countries.  This number should be provided to any freight/clearing agents or couriers you have acting on your behalf and can be easily and consistently identified by customs.

Here at E-commerce Direct we can direct you to the appropriate government departments for registration for your company, or provide the service for you, and also give you up to date information on the mark-ups required on your products to cover the tax so you don’t have any surprises.  Reclaim your import VAT? Yes there is a way!  Pay a reduced amount of tax to the UK government?  Yes there is a way!

Here at E-commerce Direct we know a thing or two about VAT and EORI numbers. For more information or to speak with a member of the team about VAT, contact E-commerce Direct on info@e-commercedirect.com call us on+44 (0) 2381 920 246 or ++1 (888) 567-0464.  You can also talk to us through our live chat, also available on our website

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