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Although we are not nearly as large as Amazon... or even close for that matter... our team is well experienced in helping clients save on costs and substantially increase sales.
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Q&A – Seller Fulfilled Prime or FBA vs FBM?

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Q&A – Seller Fulfilled Prime or FBA vs FBM?

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

At E-commerce Direct we get calls from clients asking what is the most cost-effect and best channel to fulfill their products on Amazon; Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, Fulfilled by Amazon or Fulfilled by Merchant?


We had a quick fire session with our Amazon team and here is what they had to say…


Q. What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

A. It provides the opportunity to your UK customers to benefit from the Prime service of Amazon using cost-effective merchant fulfilment, and is for high-performing sellers.


Q. What products can be incorporated?

A. All the normal FBA Prime products qualify, and the products you would like to offer for Prime.  It is particularly worth considering for products that are perhaps slow moving, seasonal or where a higher level of security for fragile or high value items is required via a merchant warehouse.  It is also useful for products requiring an assembly service or inclusions of leaflets, which is not covered by Amazon.


Q. What is the cost to participate in Seller Fulfilled Prime?

A. As a seller there is no fee to participate.  You will however need to purchase shipping/transportation from Amazon’s approved carriers through their Buy Shipping Services.  There will also be the marketplace fees of Amazon.co.uk.


Q. Can I get the ‘Prime’ badge for Seller Fulfilled Prime?

A. Yes!


Q. What is my commitment when displaying the ‘Prime’ badge?

A. To fulfil orders with one-day delivery at no additional cost to Prime customers.


Q. Can I use any carrier to deliver my Prime products?

A. Amazon-approved transportation solutions are required.


Q. What if I sell across multiple channels?

A. Using FBM is an excellent way of managing inventory, providing flexibility and thereby reducing the risk of ‘out of stock’ circumstances on a particular channel, and utilising Seller Fulfilled Prime on Amazon.


Q. How do I enroll for Seller Fulfilled Prime?

A. You must first complete a trial, which must be completed within 90 days in which you have 100% on-time shipping for a minimum of 50 Prime orders.


Q. What if I don’t complete the trial requirements in 90 days?

A. The trial period resets and you can try again.


For more information about Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) and Fulfilled By Merchant(FBM), contact E-commerce Direct on info@e-commercedirect.com call us on+44 (0) 2381 920 246 or ++1 (888) 567-0464.  You can also talk to us through our live chat, also available on our website.

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