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E-commerce Direct is a bespoke e-commerce agency located in the heart of London within easy access to Southampton docks. We provide a variety of support services for Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers.
Although we are not nearly as large as Amazon... or even close for that matter... our team is well experienced in helping clients save on costs and substantially increase sales.
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Want to give your Amazon Seller’s Account a boost?  Google Ads really work!         

As Amazon sellers are seeing additional competition year-on-year, our Amazon selling customers are always looking for additional marketing channels to promote their products!

Outside of Amazon’s Manual, Automatic and Sponsored Brands (previous known as Headline Ads), we have found the next best tool to drive qualified traffic to an Amazon Storefront is Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords).

Now before you go thinking ‘I need to spend 1,000s on ad cost for not really measurable results’, we can tell you that is not the case.

There are two ways to set up your ads with Google Ads,smart’ mode (for the novice user) andexpert’ mode (for the advanced user).  Both are successful in driving traffic, however the expert mode has additional features for adjustable bidding strategies and specialised campaign types.  For the purpose of this blog, we will look at the smart mode of Google Ads.

You will need about an hour to set-up your account, (assuming you start with three ads).  Once you have identified the products you want to promote, make sure you have high quality photos, and write a few words that will catch the attention of your audience. (see the example below)

Notice the call to action ‘book your getaway today’ and the added incentive ‘On Sale’?  This encourages the viewer, in a subtle way, to want to click on the ad.

Now your ad can either be directed to a specific URL (webpage) or call a specific phone number.  If you have a service based-business, like a cleaning company, you would most likely want the ad to connect to your mobile phone.  However, with selling products on Amazon, we recommend driving traffic to your Amazon Storefront.

There is some good news.  You can add your Storefront URL directly into your Google Ads account for each ad, and this is trackable in Amazon’s Storefront metrics.

Google Ads smart mode will walk you through the set-up of the ads, including elements such as location (countries, regions… even cities), search words (you can borrow these from your Amazon account), and several other elements.

We recommend starting with a monthly budget of £100 or $100, depending on your region, and see how it goes.  You can always change the elements and budget later to refine your ads if desired.

Every 15 days, or monthly, check your insights in Google Ads and Amazon Sellers Central.  Review the results and, based on your sales margins, see how Google Ads will help drive additional traffic and sales for your product.


Above: Google Ads metrics (taken from one of our campaigns for a single ad)

Below: Metrics for Amazon’s Storefront.  The Google Ad campaigns are found in ‘tagged sources’

For questions or help with your Amazon selling and advertising, get in touch with E-commerce Direct at info@e-commercedirect.com or call our UK office +44 (0) 2381 920 246, or if you are based in the US, call toll free ++1 (888) 567-0464.

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